Celebrate Mother’s Day at La Tomate

Mother’s Day Brunch Specials

(in addition to our regular al carte menu)

Sunday, May 10, 2015



 Cold Carrot & Dill Soup….7 

 (puree of carrots & dill)


Burrata w/ Grilled Oyster Mushrooms….13

(fresh creamy burrata served over grilled oyster mushrooms, side of cherry tomato preserve)


Crabmeat Omelette…. 16

(omellete w/ crabmeat, green onions, fresh tomatoes, & basil)

 Vegetarian Frittata…13

(organic egg frittata w/ onions & mixed vegetables)


(pie w/ Swiss chard, pancetta, onions & Parmesan cheese)

 Verlasso Salmon…23

(Verlasso, sustainable salmon served w/ grain mustard sauce over

sautéed spinach)

 Wagyu Beef “Bismarka”..26

(6 oz wagyu beef grilled served w/ fried eggs & sauteed potatoes)


Vanilla Flavored Panna Cotta w/ Cherry Preserve…7

Home-made Ricotta Cheese Cake (flavored w/ sambucca & served w/ fennel preserve)…..8


Prosecco, Rose, Clara C., Italy, Glass $ 8.00