La Tomate Caffe’

La Tomate Caffe’

La Tomate proudly launches a new concept within its historic Connecticut Avenue location. Family owned and operated since 1987, La Tomate inaugurated La Tomate Caffè adjacent to its current Bistro in summer 2014 – the first of many changes the restaurant will implement between 2014-2015. 

La Tomate Caffè offers a Belle Epoque atmosphere with Italian inspired menu items.

Open from breakfast to late-night, the Caffè will serve brioche and homemade sweets, espresso, coffee drinks and fresh-pressed juices, traditional breakfast, artisanal-cut domestic and Italian charcuterie, panini and tramezzini, assortments of cheeses, mozzarella varieties, salads and light-fare.

A vast array of pre-packaged products, including La Tomate signature sauces and soups, as well as delicatessen treats, cocktails, wine and beer are available all day.

A perfect solution for your catering needs, La Tomate Caffe’ also offers individual or mixed platters. Just call…pick-up and serve!

La Tomate Caffe’ A la Carte Menu

Small Plates From the Prosciutto Bar

Parma Prosciutto — 8

Prosciutto San Daniele — 8

Speck, Alto Aldige — 8


served w/ your choice of cherry tomatoes & basil pesto / caramelized roasted red bell peppers /roasted eggplant pesto w/ pistachio nuts & mint

Fresh Mozzarella — 8

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella — 8

Fresh Burrata — 8
this item is super fresh, easily perishable, quantities are limited!


Shrimp w/ Melon — 8
diced shrimp w/ red onions, roasted bell peppers, chives, capers
lemon juice, e.v.vo., served w/ sliced melon

Organic Chicken w/ spelt — 8
chicken breast w/ onions, mint, fresh tomatoes, e.v.v.o & spelt

Mixed Greens — 8
w/ dry fruits, walnuts, salted ricotta cheese, mustard/honey

Tramezzini and Panini

Tramezzino Letizia — 7
spread of Parma prosciutto, ricotta cheese, infused
w/ truffl es on whole wheat bread w/ no crust

Tramezzino Ilaria — 7
spread of fresh tuna, anchovies, marscarpone &
cream cheese on whole wheat bread w/ no crust

The Piadina — 8
creamy stracchino cheese w/ proscitto & arugula,
e.v.v.o drizzle on flat bread

The Veggie — 7
grilled zucchini & eggplant spread w/ home made
olive paste & pesto

“Zoi” — 8
Parma prosciutto w/ buffalo mozzarella, arugula, tomatoes

“Eva” — 8
Mortadella w/ Scamorza

“Giorgio” — 8
Parma ham w/ Fontina cheese, tomatoes, lettuce
& salsa rosa

“Guido” — 8
smoked salmon w/ chive infused mascarpone cheese. Salmon
smoked in house

Erbazzone – 10
(homemade baked pie w/ Swiss chard, pancetta, onions, Parmesan
cheese & eggs)

Daily Specials – priced daily

Homemade Desserts

Gluten Free Ricotta Cheese Cake – 8
(flavored w/ Sambucca, served w/ fennel preserve)

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake – 7
(made with almond flour, espresso, rum and cacao. Served w/
sour cherry preserve)

Strawberry Tart – 7
(puff pastry and crema pasticcera)


weekdays 8.30-11.30 am / weekends 9-2 pm

Organic Eggs – 8
(scrambled, omelette or frittata, changed daily, ask server for todays special)

Boiled Organic Egg – 1.5
(served with a dollop of salsa rosa)

Smoked Salmon and Eggs – 10
(in-house smoked salmon, boiled eggs & red onions)

Croque-Monsieur – 7
an Italian variation w/ fontina cheese and prosciutto cotto)

Strawberry & Yogurt, w/ Thyme Honey – 8

Crumbled Friselle & Walnuts, w/Thyme Honey – 8

Fruit Macedonia – 7

Bread Basket (whole wheat or white) w/ nutella and honey – 5

Selection of Croissants, Danish, Muffins

Espresso Drinks

Espresso – single 2.25 double 4
(Illy coffee prepared in its purest form)

Caffe’ Triestino – 2.5
(espresso w/ warm frothed milk)

Marocchino Caldo – 2.5
(rich dark chocolate topped w/ espresso, sprinkled
w/ cocoa & finished w/ warm frothed milk)

Espresso Based Drinks

rich dark chocolate topped w/ espresso, sprinkled
w/ cocoa & fi nished w/ warm frothed milk)

Cappuccino – 3.5
(espresso blended w/ steam & frothed milk sprinkled w/ cocoa)

Caffe’ Latte – 3.5
(espresso mixed w/ steamed milk,
finished w/ milk froth)

Specialty Drinks

Caffe’ Mocha – 4.25
(espresso blended w/ dark chocolate &
steamed milk, finished w/ whipped cream)

Espresso Shakerato – 2.5
(Illy espresso shaken w/ simple syrup & ice)

Cappuccino Freddo – 4
(lightly sweetened Illy espresso & milk
shaken w/ ice)

Marocchino Freddo – 4.5
(lightly sweetened Illy espresso, dark chocolate &
milk shaken w/ ice)

Affogato – 5.5
(gelato drenched w/ rich aromatic Illy espresso)

Chai Latte/span> – 3
(chai w/ steamed milk)

Variations – add .75
Mocha (chocolate)
Caramello (caramel)
Pallido (vaniglia)

Soy milk – .75